International Journal of Language & Linguistics

ISSN 2374-8850 (Print), 2374-8869 (Online) DOI: 10.30845/ijll

Vol. 10, No. 4; December 2023

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The Future of French – The Role of Soft Power in French Language Learning and Use: Advocacy and Partnerships
Kathleen Stein Smith
DOI: 10.30845/ijll.v10n4p1      URL:
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An Exploration of Conceptual Metaphors for Framing Ecology-Evidence from President Xi’s Speeches on Ecological Civilization
Yuxing Deng, Xiangyong Jiang
DOI: 10.30845/ijll.v10n4p2      URL:
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Kuwaiti EFL Teachers’ Views & Opinions towards Teaching the Textbook (Empower B1) at the College of Basic Education
Mohammad Almutairi
DOI: 10.30845/ijll.v10n4p3      URL:
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Unveiling Language Horizons: Exploring the Role of Social Media Platforms on Learning English- A Systematic Review
Mashael Almuhanna
DOI: 10.30845/ijll.v10n4p4      URL:
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